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Imagine a windowless van pulling up to your office. A few menacing-looking people get out and start walking around your building, testing windows and doors, seeing if there’s any way they can in.

You’d be worried, wouldn’t you? In that scenario, you absolutely should be.

What’s truly frightening is that a similar, non-hypothetical scenario is happening to you right now every single day. In 2014 alone there were over 300 million new pieces of malicious software created (this figure doesn’t even include malware that was made previously).

Such software is often automated to target the most vulnerable businesses, so if you’re leaving your “windows and doors” unlocked with poor network security practices, cybercriminals will find a way in and steal your sensitive information. There’s 300 million windowless vans driving around online, and every day a few stop by to see if your network is easy to break into.

The financial impact of data loss can’t be overstated. Recovering from a security breach costs an average of $150 per file. $150 doesn’t seem like a lot, but consider that thousands, sometimes even tens of thousands, of records are often compromised in a single attack. The total cost of recovering from significant data loss can simply too much to recover from(55% of small to medium-sized businesses close within 6 months of a security breach).

So what can you do to stop unauthorized access? Antivirus software isn’t enough, as 80% of malware is unique to each attack, rendering signature-based antivirus software useless.

Cohn Consulting Corporation has the tools and expertise you need to protect yourself from the many threats that are out there.

Are Your Workers Always Working?

Employees, even the most productive and valuable employees you have, are liable to take a few minutes out of every day to check their Facebook or browse Instagram or do whatever else they do to kill time online.

Even you’re tracking employee computers, just about everyone has their own smartphone that you can’t keep track of, and they’re likely using your company’s Wi Fi for their phones so they don’t have to pay for data.

This is putting your sensitive information, and therefore the livelihood of your business, at risk. Social media platforms are rife with scammers. One of the most effective schemes is when a cybercriminal achieves “social proof” by hacking their way into an account and then using that account to spread links that lead to malware, which are often opened by friends and family who don’t yet know the account has been compromised.

We’ll train your employees to browse the web responsibly. We’ll also properly secure and monitor your network so that even if an employee does actually download a virus, we can catch it because any real damage is done.

Crypto-Ransomware: A Developing Threat

Cybercrime is usually an invisible threat. You rarely interact with your attacker; you just deal with the fallout and pick up the pieces after an attack.

One exception is crypto-ransomware. This is one of the fastest-growing threats, with a 4,500% spike in crypto-ransomware incidents from 2013 to 2014. This piece of malware is personal: all your files get locked up, and then you’re contacted by cybercriminals who will only decrypt your computer if you pay a ransom. Refuse to pay and you’ll lose everything.

Having an effective backup solution in place makes all the difference.

Without an effective backup solution in place, you’ll be forced to fork over the ransom to get your files back, and even then it’s up to the hostage-taker to decide if you get your files back (more nihilistic cybercriminals may delete your files even if you do pay the ransom).

With the comprehensive and reliable backup solution that Cohn Consulting Corporation provides, you don’t have to worry. Let the hostage-takers do what they want. Even if everything is deleted, you’ll be able to restore it all with just minutes of progress lost.

Contact us at 770-225-0584 or dan@cohnconsultingcorp.com or fill out the form on this page for more information about our network security, disaster recovery, and other IT services for businesses in Powder Springs, GA.

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