Use mobile devices without worrying about unauthorized access to your data.

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Wireless Network Security

No business is chained to the desk anymore. Whether you use your smartphone to check work email or a laptop to finish the day’s work at the local coffee shop, you take business with you wherever you go.

But is your data safe when you’re using WIFI?

Mobile cybercrime is one of the biggest sources of data breaches today, whether from stolen mobile devices or cybercriminals spying on business data over unprotected public WIFI networks… or even someone trying to access your personal WIFI at the office.

To truly protect your valuable data, you must think carefully about using WIFI for business. Cohn Consulting Corporation will ensure you have nothing to fear with our Wireless Network Security Solution:

  • Secured WIFI networks set up in your office, protecting you from unauthorized access of your data.
  • Separated guest WIFI networks to allow Internet access without a connection to your main network.
  • Policy creation for corporate use of mobile devices.
  • Mobile device management solutions to allow safe access to business data even on employee personal devices.
  • Virtual private networks to allow you to safely access business data on your mobile devices via public WIFI networks.

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