US Businesses Are At Risk! Here’s a Few Valuable Tips to Prevent Potential Security Threats.

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US Security ThreatsYour business is vulnerable and at risk from cyber attacks!  Has your IT firm given you “peace of mind” that you are protected?  If not, book an immediate appointment with our computer and network security professionals.  Don’t wait.  Your business is at risk.

Recent research shows that only 3% of US based organizations feel safe against insider threats, while nearly 50% feel vulnerable. Businesses are struggling more than ever to cope with the massive risk of security threats, especially with the increase of insider threats. The trouble is detecting and catching these insiders. In fact, 47% of all security threats come from a person within the organization. In addition, most businesses are concerned about the risks associated with big data and cloud computing.

So what can be done to prevent security threats? Here’s a few important big data security tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep reports secure at all times.
  • Reduce the risk of privacy violations.
  • Implement security and compliance controls.

While big data concerns are important, cloud computing tends to create a lot of concerns as well. Here’s a few important cloud computing tips to keep in mind:

  • Maintain visibility into the cloud infrastructure.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to data.
  • Know where data is stored.

If you’re adopting cloud computing, make sure you’re prioritizing the security of your data. Always talk to a potential cloud provider to ensure your security requirements are met before signing an agreement.

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