Two-factor authentication keeps Mobile Device Management secure and convenient

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Cohn Consulting Mobile Device Book CoverOnce just a gimmick in high-tech spy movies, fingerprint scanning technology is now a common feature of smartphone security. Most modern smartphones give users the option to use their fingerprint as a method to unlock their phone, a considerably more convenient option than memorizing passcodes or swipe patterns. However, as is usually the case with security, the most convenient option isn’t always the safest.

Recently, a woman was ordered by the court to provide her fingerprint to unlock a smartphone. This highlights the fundamental difference between what you know and what you are. Under the Constitution, a defendant can refuse to testify against themselves, which is why you wouldn’t have to give up your phone’s passcode even if you were ordered to do so. However, a biometric (e.g. a fingerprint or thumbprint) does not legally qualify as something that you know, but rather, it’s what you are. Therefore, the court can compel you to provide your biometric.

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While there have only been a few cases in which an individual has been compelled to provide their biometric, the precedent is set; despite the convenience of biometric security, it is simply not as reliable in a legal setting as a regular passcode. That’s why it’s important for you to ensure that your employees are applying varied security measures on any mobile devices that they use for business.

Two-factor authentication is the new standard for digital security. By ensuring that your staff uses both passcodes and biometrics, you can be confident that the phone will be secure even in a legal setting, without losing the convenience of the thumbprint scanner for daily use. Of course, it is also very important to make sure that you can manage the business data on an employee’s mobile device without having to compel them to provide their passcode or biometric. A disgruntled staff member that’s unwilling to unlock their device after dismissal can create a number of otherwise avoidable problems.

That’s what makes a Mobile Device Management (MDM) policy so useful; by clearly defining the way your employees use and secure their mobile devices in the workplace, you can avoid a range of potentially complicated legal issues. As Cohn Consulting Corporation has noted before, MDM policies can create new risks for businesses, which is why it’s always safer to work with an expert IT consultant to ensure your business stays safe.
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