IT support needs to service every type of technology you use.

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Every successful IT operation requires effective support, not just for some, but for all of its technology. This may seem obvious, but the reality is that most small and mid-sized businesses like yours aren’t getting support for every type of technology.

IT Services

The key to getting the right IT services for your business is understanding the different types of technology you use and ensuring your IT provider can support them all. These types of IT include:

  1. Technology you have to have: These technologies are the most basic aspects of a standard IT environment. Electricity, network switches, email, etc. While these technologies don’t provide an intrinsic benefit, you clearly need them just to conduct business.
  2. Technology that saves you money:  These technologies include eFax, CRM, VoIP, etc. You don’t strictly need them to do business, but they make your business more profitable by maximizing what you get from your available resources. This technology makes your staff more productive, your operations more efficient, your cash flow cycles more expedient, and more.
  3. Technology that provides a strategic advantage: This technology is a strategic differentiator from your competition. Consider Dominoes, who recently began offering customers the ability to order a pizza simply by texting a pizza slice emoji. In hindsight, it seems like an obvious move, but this kind of innovation is what will make a hungry customer chose Dominoes over the competition. This kind of technology is common among massive corporations but small and mid-size businesses often don’t realize what could be done, let alone have the resources or expertise to pull it off.

With the right support, you can get more out of your IT than just the basics like sending emails, or printing documents. Comprehensive support will allow you to get the most out of the IT you already have by developing new ways of using technology to reach customers, gain advantages, and overtake the competition.

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