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Don’t Sign Up Until You’ve Considered These 5 Critical Facts!

There’s a lot of small business IT companies that want your business, but the problem is, most of them make the same empty promises. You’ve probably heard it all before: many IT companies promise to be reactive, affordable, and knowledgeable; but when it comes time to deliver, they’re not on time, they overcharge, or they’re not sure how to solve the issue.

If you’re looking for an IT company to take care your information systems, there’s a few important facts to consider, in order to get the great service and client care your business deserves:

  1. Certifications show commitment and expertise:

Make sure any IT company you’re considering is up to date on the technologies you’re using. Keep in mind, technology is constantly evolving, and if they’re not certified in something your business depends on, they might not be the best IT company for you.

  1. Industry experience is key:

Not every industry has the same needs as yours. In fact, technologies and best practices vary greatly by industry. If they’re not experienced in working with businesses in your industry, they’re probably not the right company for you.

  1. Security should be a top priority:

A good IT company will proactively divert threats and constantly safeguard your systems using a multi-layered approach, in order to ensure the security of your IT systems and data. Don’t hesitate to ask about their security services and how they keep your business safe.

  1. Testimonials and case studies speak volumes:

Check their website or ask to see a few testimonials or case studies! If they’re proud enough to showcase their work with other clients, they’re likely trustworthy enough to handle your information technology needs.

  1. Availability must be considered:

What type of response time can you expect? How often are they available? Hackers don’t care if you’re only at work between 9 am – 5 pm; so make sure your IT company is available as often as possible.

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