Drive Greater IT Operating Efficiency Through End-to-End Virtualization

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Virtualization solutions from Cohn Consulting Corporation help:

Control costs  The majority of servers deployed for single applications (file/print, database, email, business applications) only utilize about 15% of the server’s processor on average.  By combining multiple virtualized server on a single physical platform, your company can reduce costs by purchasing fewer physical servers, by using less power and cooling for fewer physical devices, and by requiring a smaller footprint in your datacenter.

Improve service levels  Virtualized servers supported by System Center Virtual Machine Manager and System Center Operations Manager provide for increased service levels and reduced risk by automatically responding to system health alerts.  Ongoing maintenance and upgrades experience minimal risk of downtime through checkpoints which can return a system to a known-good state if a patch or upgrade introduces problems.

Drive agility  Your virtualized IT infrastructure can respond to changing business needs by rapidly deploying servers to support line of business applications and take advantage of new business opportunities.  Reduce the time to deploy a new server from days to hours and help your business be the first to profit from market openings.

Our Microsoft certified engineers will conduct a complete assessment of your IT infrastructure and identify candidates for virtualization and will help your IT staff implement virtualization and provide guidance and training on supporting this new, agile environment.

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