Security is THE hot topic for 2015 when it comes to information technology.

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With high-profile stories in the media about data theft from big name companies like Home Depot, Target, and Chick-fil-A, and with active cyberattacks on household names like Sony Pictures, eBay, and even the US government, everyone is talking about who might be next, what can be done to strengthen cybersecurity nationwide, and who might be behind it all.

Almost forgotten in all of this is that cybercriminals and military hackers aren’t just after the big names. They’re after ANY computer they can get – it doesn’t matter if it is in a military installation, a corporate headquarters, a university basement, or Grandma’s living room. If it is connected and vulnerable, it is useful to a cybercriminal. That means your average small or medium business is just as much as a target as anyone else.

That’s where Cohn Consulting Corporation comes in. We’ve been providing reliable IT support, services, and consulting for over 21 years, and our clients trust us to advise them on all things IT. And a major part of that is keeping our clients’ secure. With our Cohn Care™ Platinum service, we provide all of the basics for robust security, along with active monitoring and proactive security countermeasures. Plus, as virtual CIOs for our clients, we advise them on policies, procedures, and processes to integrate security into their daily operations. Because when you get right down to it, most security issues are due to human fallibility rather than technology. So we make sure things are covered both from a technology and people perspective.

In the next few weeks, you’ll read about key security issues that every business owner should know about and being dealing with. If you are not already a client and you have concerns about your security, please reach out to me and we’ll talk about how Cohn Consulting Corporation can help. And if you ARE already a client, you can rest assured that Cohn Consulting Corporation is actively protecting your company with the latest technology and best practices.

Technology empowers all of our businesses to do great things. But it is a dangerous world out there, and there are many who will do whatever it takes to break into systems, steal data, and commandeer IT resources. We’re committed to stopping them and, when Cohn Consulting Corporation manages your IT, you know you have the best defense possible.

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Daniel S. Cohn
Cohn Consulting Corporation


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