Think Strategically About Regulatory Compliance to Make the Most of Your Time and Money

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How many regulations is your business beholden to? From HIPAA to PCI to FISMA, every industry has rules to follow when it comes to data storage and IT security, and compliance means more than just checking off items on a list.

You’ve got to think strategically about compliance to truly stay safe and to make the most of the time and money you put towards compliance:

  • Plan Ahead: It’s much harder to stay compliant with a network of technology simply cobbled together one piece at a time. Turning to your IT company for a fully-planned network, designed to meet your unique needs, will help keep your systems working together smoothly and make ensuring compliance much easier.
  • Conduct Regular Audits (Before the Auditors Do It First): You don’t want to wait around for an official inspection to find out that something is wrong in your compliance. Running your own audits regularly with your IT security company will help you find any vulnerabilities in your security and any missed steps in your compliance, so you can take care of them before you face the music.
  • Automate Whenever You Can: You can take advantage of the power of virtualized applications, desktops, and servers to actually automate many of your compliance tasks for you, so you don’t have to always consult a checklist for every task you complete.
  • Think Beyond Compliance: Ultimately, compliance is the bare minimum standard you should be meeting for IT security. Think bigger! Have a discussion with your IT security company about other ways you can protect your clients or patients, and anticipate the next phases of regulatory compliance before they happen.

You can make compliance easy with a Cohn Care Platinum plan designed to fit the unique needs of YOUR business. Put your energy towards running your business and serving your patients or clients, and let our team of IT compliance experts worry about the auditors.

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