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Flashcards for teachersOur ever-changing world presents us with a preponderance of information, from our childhood years through our adult lives.  The amount of information we must assimilate and comprehend is enormous, and we all need practical tools to help us do this, no matter what age we are.

Cram is a free, web-based online flashcard service. It gives you the ability to search through a database of more than 50 million online flashcards, as well as create, export, share, and even print flashcards for studying.

Flashcards are an excellent way to study; they’ve been used for years utilizing memorization and rote-learning processes.  Students and adults can memorize facts and definitions, cram, or browse through flashcards to prepare for tests and other situations where they must apply their knowledge.

The “create tool” is handy when you can’t find the flashcards you need; you can create flashcards on an individual basis, or import a CSV (comma-separated value) file and store them in groups. You can also add specific cards to a set and store them in your personal online account.

Cram works on both PCs and Macs, and there’s no limit to how many flashcards you can create and share. You can choose whether you want to simply view the free flashcards, or use the tools to create your own.

In addition, Cram also has an app store for Android and iPhone devices, so you can use your flashcards and study wherever you are. By continuously reviewing your flash cards, you can ensure that you’ll retain the information you need.

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