Network Security: Go online without fear of viruses, malware, or other cybercrime.

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network security servicesThe Internet is an amazing tool that no Atlanta business can do without – but it’s also a dangerous environment for businesses unprepared for the harsh realities of cybercrime. There are many online threats that could spell disaster for your business:

  • Viruses and malware to slow down your systems and reduce productivity
  • Ransomware that could hold data hostage until you pay a fee
  • Worms that leak private data to cybercriminals looking to commit fraud
  • And worse

Protecting yourself against these online threats means more than using passwords or downloading an anti-virus program. To truly stay safe, you need Complete Network Security that stops cybercrime in its tracks. Cohn Consulting Corporation has the solution:

  • Properly configured hardware based firewalls to block unauthorized access without slowing down your browsing speeds.
  • 24/7 network monitoring to detect viruses or intrusion – we watch your traffic in case any changes compromise your security.
  • Anti-virus protection and live monitoring that is regularly updated to make sure you stay one step ahead of new threats.
  • Regularly patched and updated systems to eliminate security threats.
  • Instant scanning of devices as they connect to your network, stopping malicious devices from establishing a connection.
  • Updates and enhancements to your protection plan immediately after new vulnerabilities are found, protecting you against emerging threats.

Cohn Consulting Corporation – Your personal IT department. Discover how the right Atlanta IT security will optimize your business and produce the best return on your IT investments. Contact us at 770-225-0584 or or fill out the form on this page to get started.

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“I have been continually impressed with the caliber and delivery of Cohn Consulting’s services. While you were at my offices this week, checking and tuning our network, I was once again reminded of the level of expertise it takes to provide the comfort that you and your staff offers.”

Delivery of Cohn Consulting’s services   Delivery of Cohn Consulting’s services