Is Your IT Network As Secure As Your Trash? Probably Not.

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You probably have a locked trash shredder in your office for those files that need to be kept for your eyes only. Your employees take faxes or documents with your sensitive corporate data, feed them into the locked shredder, and eventually call a specialized company to properly dispose of the contents. It’s safe, it’s clean, and it’s compliant.

Is your network just as safe? Probably not.

IT security is about more than putting a password on your computer or installing an anti-virus program off the Internet. True security is about knowing what goes into that locked trash bin, who can open it up, and how you keep the sticky fingers of unwanted folks off of it. Ask yourself these questions:

  • When you delete a file, where does it really go? Could an employee or someone just poking around your computer find a way to get it back?
  • What happens to your systems if you accidentally download a virus? Do you have a way of restoring any data that was lost or compromised?
  • Who knows the passwords to your various systems? Could a disgruntled employee gain full access to all your sensitive data?

To truly protect your data and stay compliant with any regulations you face, you need a comprehensive security suite that’s safer than any physical trash bin. Your IT security company should be working with you to cover all your bases:

  • Properly configured firewalls, designed to lock out unwanted guests while still allowing you and your employees to easily access the Internet.
  • A full suite of anti-spam, anti-virus, malware protection, and other applications to block harmful programs and data.
  • Detection services and 24/7 monitoring to catch anything that does manage to slip past your defenses – walls aren’t enough; you also need security guards.
  • Backups and intelligent business continuity strategies to help you recover lost or compromised data, so you can’t be held hostage by cybercriminals.

Cohn Care Platinum is your best defense. You can put your trust in our team of IT security experts to not only provide a complete security suite you can count on every day, but also to teach you how to USE your technology safely and effectively, so you stay productive while remaining secure. Find out how good it can get – call our team of experts at (770) 321-5532 or send an email to today.


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