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Information technology is usually not a big topic in the corporate boardroom. Whether you’re a small company or a mid-sized business, the owner or CEO is often far more focused on strategically leading the company than on IT. Sales and marketing, operations efficiencies, new product development, legislation and regulation, all command far more attention.

However, IT underpins all of these areas and is integral to their success. Most owners and CEO’s don’t feel as comfortable with IT as they do with other areas of the business, so they either leave it all up to “the guy who does the IT” for smaller firms or the Director of IT or CIO for larger firms.  But this is often not the best option. Just as the CEO doesn’t have to know everything about sales to be able discuss sales in the boardroom with the VP of Sales, the CEO should still feel comfortable discussing strategic aspects of IT with the CIO or Director of IT.

Cohn Consulting IT News (our newsletter) focuses on some of the boardroom issues associated with IT. As anyone who has watched the news will attest, IT security is a major concern and every owner and CEO should understand the liabilities associated with a data breach or security hack. Being able to continue to operate the business and recover from a major IT outage is now a requirement of the modern world but few CEO’s know if their business actually has the processes and technology in place to do that.

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Many small and mid-sized businesses struggle with the pro’s and con’s of having an in-house IT department vs outsourcing it. And many executives don’t realize that technology doesn’t have to be just an expense but can actually provide significant strategic advantage over the competition.

Our March newsletter articles address all of these topics and more and I hope you find them interesting and informative. If you are an existing client, you know that Cohn Consulting Corporation is there for you and already helping you with these issues. If you are not yet a client, I invite you to reach out to us and schedule a free sit down – CEO to CEO – to see how Cohn Consulting Corporation can give you greater familiarity over this important aspect of your business and help you address these boardroom issues.

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