Making a deal over coffee:  How to ensure the VP has all the data she needs while at Starbucks

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Business moves fast and the traditional ways of closing deals are changing even faster.  Instead of multiple meetings at corporate headquarters and months of back-and-forth proposals, deals are closed in days with documents that are updated on the fly during meetings in airports and coffee houses.  And the companies that can be nimble and quick through technology will always have the edge.

So when the vice-president is meeting at a Starbucks to set up a strategic partnership so that the two companies can land a large deal with a prospect, having all of the right information at her fingertips is critical.  Whether she’s carrying a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet, she needs to be able to pull up product information, presentations, spreadsheets, and contracts – and be able to modify them on the fly – without getting slowed down by cumbersome technology.  Or worse yet, not being able to access the data at all and having to arrange to get back with the potential partner later, wasting a golden opportunity.

Fortunately, there are lots of choices for this type of technology.  But not all choices are equal and some are clearly better than others.  Cohn Care™ Cloud Drive, powered by Autotask Workplace, is one of the best.  As an enterprise-class file sync and share system, Cohn Care™ Cloud Drive allows for “anywhere access” to corporate data – and the power to edit that data – while providing advanced security and management.  All without confusing VPN’s, remote sessions, preloading data before you go, or frantic emails back and forth with the office.

Your data is synced directly from your servers and workstations to the cloud and then to the devices used by your people.  Almost every device is supported – PC’s, laptops, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.  With its advanced security and management, only the data that someone really needs and has authority to use is made available, with the ability to restrict what they can and can’t do with it.  Documents can be edited with the software tools on the device (including Microsoft Office) or with Office 365 or Google Docs on the web.  New documents, like photos or notes, can be synced from the device back to the corporate servers.  Multiple people can work collaboratively and the changes will be synced between them.  And when the device is not connected to the Internet, the data is still local and can be used and edited offline and then synced back when back on the Internet.  With its advanced security, data can be remotely wiped from a lost or stolen device and restricted to only pre-approved devices and users.  And with its advanced management, all access and connections are logged and available for management review, so you know who accessed what, when, and on what device.

With Cohn Care™ Cloud Drive, you have complete and secure control of your data while making it easily available to the people that need to have it wherever they need to use it.  Which will make your VP all the more impressive at that meeting at the Starbucks, as she shows how nimble, quick, and technologically advanced your company is and how you are the right partner for the deal.

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