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What it costs is less important than knowing what it costs.

No surprises.  Predictability.

That’s what business owners want and that’s what Cohn Care™ Platinum gives them.  24/7 monitoring, unlimited maintenance and tuning, and unlimited problem solving for one flat monthly fee.

Other IT firms get paid to fix problems and the price can vary wildly.

We get paid to prevent problems and the price is always the same.

Kaplan & Lukowsi depend on their computers for document preparation, records scanning, research, and collaboration.

However, as medical malpractice attorneys, their income stream is very variable and they can’t afford unexpected IT expenses.  With Cohn Care™ Platinum, they love knowing exactly what IT will cost them each month.

It’s a great solution for the lawyer who owns her own practice.  As a professional, she’ll appreciate a fellow professional who delivers solid value at a predictable price.. Give her my card and a strong recommendation.

Cohn Consulting Corporation and I provide professional, reliable, predictable IT.


“Your Professionalism with this situation at the Zero hour is definitely a rarity. Your team’s response was to take on a project that you had no prior knowledge of other than a customer was in a tight spot and needed assistance.”