A Large Trucking Company Looks to Cohn Consulting Corporation for IT Services & Support Designed to Streamline Time-Consuming Tasks, Increase Collaboration & Offer a Cost Efficient Alternative to an In-House IT Person!

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J&P Hall Express, one of the largest expediting trucking companies in the Southeastern United States, is the one-stop carrier for all expedited trucking needs! J&P Hall Express has over 130 employees throughout the state of Georgia to ensure speedy service for customers in need of expedited or LTL trucking transportation. When J&P Hall Express was looking for a more cost-efficient alternative to an in-house IT person, they decided to find a reliable Atlanta IT services & support company to help them out!

In the trucking industry, the deployment of information technology is becoming a major challenge for trucking companies. In fact, most trucking companies aren’t certain about what types of information technology can help them improve service and reduce costs, and as a result, they’re investing in the wrong technologies that eat up profitability.

The Situation: A Trucking Company Looking to Replace Their In-House IT Person Because There Was No Need for Full-Time IT Assistance

After working with Cohn Consulting Corporation for a while, J&P Hall Express decided to try to save money and hire an in-house IT person instead; however, they quickly realized that wasn’t working. They were paying a full-time, 40 hour a week salary and benefits without the need for full-time assistance.

Todd Moore, President at J&P Hall Express, explained, “We didn’t have enough work for one person and I was paying him a hefty salary, so I made the decision to go back to Cohn Consulting Corporation. They provide the service we need – when we need it!

He continued, “I looked at it from a value perspective, not a price perspective. You can always find someone who will do things cheaper, but you end up finding out they misrepresented their product or they couldn’t deliver on what was promised. With Cohn Consulting Corporation, I haven’t had this issue.

The Solution: A Team of IT Experts That Takes Care of Everything IT-Related to Give J&P Hall Express Complete Confidence in Their Information Technology

After rehiring Cohn Consulting Corporation’s team of IT experts, J&P Hall Express has been able to feel confident knowing their IT needs are handled properly. Todd explained, “90% of things can be done remotely and they’re specialists at what they do. They have experience with different types of systems and customers, and considering that, it’s bringing more value to me than having an in-house IT person.

Todd also offered insight into the benefits of having a reliable IT support company to help them make strategic decisions, “I have a high level of confidence that they’re taking care of things behind the scenes. I’m not worrying about maintenance; they take care of all of that.”

Plus, Cohn Consulting Corporation meets with J&P Hall Express on a regular basis to discuss future plans. Todd explained, “We have meetings to discuss future plans and needs; we bring them into the picture when we’re looking at things not necessarily related to what they do, but indirectly related, such as phones and Internet. I use their best practices and experience to help us make informed decisions.”

J&P Hall Express leverages managed IT services, as well as data backup and business continuity services, to give them peace of mind. Todd explained how beneficial it’s been, “[If everything was offline and not working,] our business would shut down. About 70% of communication with our customers is through email, so without the system working, it wouldn’t be a good day!

He continued, “We have a Crown Data System that we dispatch through, we’re able to see where our drivers are located at any given moment, see what they’ve delivered or picked up. Our customers expect information as much as they expect delivery. We have to be able to provide instant information as it happens

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“Your Professionalism with this situation at the Zero hour is definitely a rarity. Your team’s response was to take on a project that you had no prior knowledge of other than a customer was in a tight spot and needed assistance.”