Don’t Let TeslaCrypt Ransomware Threaten Your Alpharetta Business.

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Cybercrime is an unfortunate reality in business these days. As much as modern security measures help to keep consumers safe, there will always be cybercriminals working day and night to find new ways to infiltrate professional IT environments.

A recently popular type of malware is the ransomware variety. Ransomware works by encrypting a victim’s files (making them unreadable) and providing the key to recover the files once a ransom has been paid. TeslaCrypt, now barely a year old, is a ransomware that was recently upgraded to its fourth version by hackers and has since become a cause for concern among IT security professionals.

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According to Heimdall Security, this latest version of TeslaCrypt comes with a range of new improvements, including:

  • Nearly unbreakable encryption, as boasted by hackers and reported by Heimdall. Encrypted data will apparently be impossible to recover after-the-fact.
  • The previously effective TeslaDecoder tool, designed for fighting TeslaCrypt encryption, is completely ineffective against the newest version of the ransomware.
  • The latest version of TeslaCrypt will also leak more data to hackers’ servers than previous iterations.

Don’t let your business become the next victim of TeslaCrypt. Failing to prepare for a ransomware attack will have devastating effects on your business, including:

  • Data Loss: Consider any one of the dozens of major corporations that have suffered a data breach; Sony, Ashley Madison, and others have all faced major financial consequences in the wake of a breach. Can you afford to join them
  • Untrustworthy Reputation: Clients rarely continue to work with businesses after they’ve been hacked. Would you expect your current business partners to continue to work with you if they were unsure of their data’s safety?

In order to protect your business from data loss due to ransomware attacks — as well as a range of other IT emergencies — Cohn Consulting Corporation provides proven IT services in Alpharetta, including our Cohn Care™ Intelligent Business Continuity (IBC). As a part of IBC, we regularly backup your vital data to secure, off-site locations so that you’ll have an accessible and available copy in the case of data loss.

Ransomware as powerful as TeslaCrypt presents a clear danger to businesses like yours. In order to avoid data loss and paying ransoms to hackers, you have to ensure that you have IT support that you can rely on.

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