Security is More Than a Series of Products: 4 Additional Aspects to Security You Need to Stay Safe

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What do you think of when you hear the words, “IT Security”? Probably an anti-virus program like Norton or McAfee, your email password, and maybe a firewall. That should be enough to keep your business safe, right?


Think of your IT security like the city of Troy. Their walls were impenetrable, and they had great defenses like vats of boiling oil they could pour on invaders’ heads. But once they let that Horse inside the walls without checking what was inside, the Trojans were doomed. All the security defenses in the world couldn’t save them from their own mistake.

Your IT security is the same. Simple prevention systems like anti-virus or firewalls aren’t enough to truly keep you safe. There are other aspects to your security that MUST be followed to ensure full protection:

  • Detection: No anti-virus program or firewall is foolproof, and you can’t simply take for granted that they will block every possible threat. Having a detection system in place to regularly sweep your systems, looking for threats, is a must.
  • Regular Updates: Security is always evolving, and if new products aren’t adopted and patches put in place as new threats are discovered, your systems will quickly become vulnerable again. Patch management and regular updates are vital.
  • Education: Many cybercriminals pose as legitimate companies in order to trick you into letting them through the walls. You need to know how to recognize the signs of a phishing attempt or potential malware, so you don’t compromise yourself.
  • Threat Management: Your IT security company can put protocols in place to lock down your data even if an infection or other threat breaks through. If your systems detect unauthorized access or foreign data, they can shut down all connections to the outside to ensure no data is sent back to a cybercriminal’s greedy fingers.

To truly remain secure against any threats the future might hold, you need a comprehensive security suite customized for your business. Cohn Care Platinum is a complete defensive solution that takes the burden of security off your shoulders. Use your technology without worries and know that you have an army not only guarding the walls, but checking every Horse that comes inside. Contact Cohn Consulting Corporation at (770) 321-5532 or today.


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