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Are You Using The Right IT Solutions? —Solutions That Promote Your Success Without Wasting Your Money?

Ensure You Are With IT Consulting For Law Firms From Cohn Consulting Corporation.

If your law firm in Marietta, GA isn’t using just the right IT solutions, you may be jeopardizing your own success.  Improper use of technology compromises the security of your data, negatively affects your productivity, and costs you money.

To succeed in today’s technology-driven legal environment, you need the IT Consulting For Law Firms Cohn Consulting Corporation provides.  We’ll do the necessary research, and suggest and implement, just the right, custom-designed technology solutions that promote your success. Contact us to learn how: (770) 321-5532

Law practices like yours are falling behind businesses in other industries when it comes to using current technologies. This is because they don’t employ the support from Legal IT Experts like the ones at Cohn Consulting Corporation. This is unfortunate, because IT Consulting for Law Firms offered by Cohn Consulting Corporation can help them and you:

  • Analyze diverse and extensive amounts of data.
  • Increase your firm’s efficiencies, and your staff’s productivity.
  • Secure your clients’ confidential information.
  • Save you time and money.

With our IT Consulting For Law Offices , Your Law office in Marietta can succeed with just the right:  

  • Cloud Technologies. You won’t have to sift through cumbersome paper files, you can store massive amounts of information in our high-security, offsite data center, and you and your authorized staff can securely share and edit confidential files in real time.
  • Data and Email Encryption. Protect your email data, both in transit and in storage. Our solution protects data at rest, such as on laptops or hard drives, as well as data in motion, such as over wireless networks or the Internet.
  • Data Backup and Disaster Avoidance. Computer hard drives and tape backups can fail, laptops can be stolen or misplaced, and critical data can be erased due to employees’ negligence. Cohn Consulting Corporation. provides the data-backup and disaster-avoidance solutions to keep your data secure and always accessible to you and your staff.

Don’t waste money on IT solutions that aren’t designed for your particular needs. IT Consulting For Law Firms from Cohn Consulting Corporation, ensures your law business uses the right technologies to promote your success. For a complimentary IT Consultation for your Law Firm in Marietta, contact us at: (770) 321-5532 or


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