I Need A New IT Company in Atlanta. Where Can I Turn?

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As businesses grow and change, they often recognize the need for a new, higher-quality IT Company— One that has experience with the most up-to-date technology solutions.

When you need a new IT Company in Atlanta, turn to Cohn Consulting Corporation.

Why? Because our experts can help you take advantage of the latest advances in technology, and provide you with top-quality IT Services and Support, at a price you can afford.

We Provide:

  • IT Services tailored to meet your business objectives,
  • Managed IT Services for a for a flat, monthly fee,
  • On-Demand/Pay-As-You-Go IT Solutions,
  • 24/7 Live Help-Desk Support,
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Planning,
  • Expert Security Planning, Monitoring and Management,
  • Cloud Solutions that save you money, eliminate storage issues, and are scalable to meet your changing needs,
  • Spam and Email Protection,
  • Senior-Level IT Consulting,
  • And much more.

Our experienced managed services engineers will proactively monitor your critical systems to block cyber threats, prevent downtimes, and give your staff the support they need, 24/7.

So, when you need a new IT Company in Atlanta—where can you turn? To Cohn Consulting Corporation. Contact us, and we’ll tell you more. (770) 225-0584 info@cohnconsultingcorp.com


“Moving my recruiters out of the physical office and into the virtual office world was quite the undertaking, and you were there to help me accomplish that feat in the most cost-effective manner. At your urging I bet my business on the thin-client model you proposed to me, and am truly glad I followed your advice.”

Recruiters out of the Physical Office   Recruiters out of the Physical Office