Does Your Atlanta IT Support Company Offer Intelligent Business Continuity?

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Being prepared for a potential disaster doesn’t just mean data backup. Planning effectively for disaster response is the key to Intelligent Business Continuity.

You and I both know that downtime simply isn’t an option when you have tons of customers to serve and projects to complete at any given time. There are far more threats than you probably realize – from malware infections to natural disasters to human errors – that can lead to downtime. That’s why I want to offer you a better way to prepare yourself and protect your vital assets: Cohn Care™ Intelligent Business Continuity (IBC).

Business Continuity

You can’t stop a disaster from happening; what you can do is make sure your Atlanta business is prepared for when it does. Get Cohn CareIntelligent Business Continuity today by reaching out at (770) 225-0584 or email us at

If you’re not prepared for disaster, you’re left unable to meet the needs of those you serve during unexpected situations, which leaves you at risk of significant loss of customer trust and reputational damage. Our Cohn Care™ IBC features a comprehensive approach to preparation:

  • IBC Planning: A specifically tailored IBC strategy that prioritizes speedy and efficient restoration of your crucial operations after an emergency that will help you get back to work with minimal downtime.
  • Comprehensive Backups: Total and reliable backups of all your vital data will provide easy and quick access after a disaster.
  • Virtual Systems: Crucial systems, such as your phones, applications, and servers will be replicated in virtual environments and made available away from the office, even if the on-site equipment is damaged.

Stay prepared for disasters of all types with dependable Cohn CareIntelligent Business Continuity. Contact Cohn Consulting Corporation at (770) 225-0584 or email us at to start preparing your Atlanta company today.  


“Moving my recruiters out of the physical office and into the virtual office world was quite the undertaking, and you were there to help me accomplish that feat in the most cost-effective manner. At your urging I bet my business on the thin-client model you proposed to me, and am truly glad I followed your advice.”

Recruiters out of the Physical Office   Recruiters out of the Physical Office