Information Technology Security Never Ends – 5 Tips for Staying Secure As Technology Evolves

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Technology is always changing and evolving, and your information technology security will have to change and evolve right along with it.

As quickly as new applications and services become available for businesses to take advantage of, malware and techniques to exploit those systems will rise up as well.

That means IT security never ends – there will always be something new to do in order to keep your business safe from cybercrime and unexpected disaster. Here are five tips for staying ahead of your changing security needs:

  • Conduct regular security audits: A thorough review of all your security settings and systems will help discover any new vulnerabilities that may have arisen, and make it clear where effort has to be placed in order to patch new holes.
  • Employ rigorous patch management: Third party applications and operating systems are updated all the time, and with those updates come security patches for newly discovered threats. Your IT company should be ensuring to properly apply these patches as soon as they’re made available.
  • Replace aging equipment: Eventually, all technology becomes obsolete. Aging hardware can often lead to greater security risks and potential for disaster, and old software is more likely to have vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Regular technology refreshes will ensure you aren’t left vulnerable.
  • Watch the news: Data breaches and new forms of malware are often reported in the news, and you should be following these warning signs to ensure that your systems aren’t next. If you hear about a potential threat, ask your IT security company what they’re doing to protect you from it.
  • Develop an intelligent business continuity plan: The best way to stay safe is to ensure you’ll always be able to bounce back from any disaster. With the proper backups and business continuity strategy, you’ll be able to fully restore your IT systems even if they’re taken hostage by a new form of malware.

Your IT security team at Cohn Consulting Corporation keeps you protected from any threats the future might hold. You can rest easy knowing that your security solution will evolve to meet your needs today, tomorrow, next month, and next year.

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