Information Technology is Moving Into the Cloud – Will You Be Safe There?

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Cloud technology is quickly becoming the norm for many businesses, but many business owners are wary about moving into the cloud.

Have you found yourself wondering just how safe your data is? Do you know exactly where your data is being stored when it’s “in the cloud”?

Ensure your IT company has taken the right precautions when it comes to cloud technology, such as:

  • Working only with globally recognized data centers designed with the highest levels of physical and electronic security in mind.
  • Employing the highest grade of encryption, so even the people running the center can’t actually read the data they’re protecting.
  • Providing rigorous password protection and management to protect your usernames and passwords from being stolen and spread out on pirating websites.

But cloud security is a two-way street. All the encryption and password protection in the world won’t do anything if YOU don’t know how to safely access and use your cloud systems. Stay safe when you’re in the cloud by following these tips:

  • Never log into your cloud services on an unsecured network… unless you’re using a secured connection. You’ve got to be careful with that free WIFI at Starbucks – you never know who else is sitting on that network. Cohn Consulting Corporation can keep you safe with a secure encrypted connection via an easy-to-use program or web portal, so you can go online anywhere and stay safe.
  • Don’t share your business WIFI network with guests. If you do want to offer WIFI access to visitors to your business, create a secondary guest network that cannot access your main systems.
  • Be careful with your passwords. A good IT company will help you with proper password management, but that only goes so far if you use the same passwords at work that you do for your Gmail or Dropbox accounts.

The cloud is just like any other IT tool – it can be perfectly safe so long as you take the right precautions.

Cohn Care Platinum is your best defense when it comes to the cloud or any other form of IT security.

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