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The new year always represents a great time for self-reflection, reviewing the past year’s successes and challenges and thinking strategically about the upcoming year’s possibilities.  However, we all know that the “day to day” quickly overtakes us and the time allotted for plotting out the future of the business quickly disappears.

However, Cohn Consulting Corporation can help ensure that such strategic planning – at least for your IT environment – really does happen.  For our Cohn Care™ managed IT services clients, we’re already intimately familiar with your environment and focused on strategic changes, which can speed up the whole process and reduce the overall effort. And for prospects who haven’t yet discovered the benefits of Cohn Care™, our years of experience doing such plans can help you quickly get up to speed on efficient strategic IT planning.

This quarter we are focusing on the value of strategic IT planning, as well as major areas of IT that will be trending in 2016.  More companies will switch to managed IT services such as Cohn Care™ to improve operations and increase profits.  Cyber-security will continue to be a hot topic as threats proliferate and new technologies evolve to combat them.  Business continuity – the real reason for backup and disaster recovery – will become even more important, as security threats, unusual weather events, and more stringent regulations increase.  And “the cloud” will continue to drive changes in how businesses operate in an ever-more connected world, requiring updated technologies and management.

With all of these changes, it is more important than ever to properly plan out your IT path for 2016.  Each of these areas can involve substantial change, expense, and risk – with great rewards for those who get it right and a lot of pain and wasted funds for those who don’t.

I hope you find the articles on our blog interesting and informative. If you are an existing client, you know that Cohn Consulting Corporation is there for you and ready to help you plan for an amazing 2016.  If you are not yet a client, I invite you to reach out to us and schedule a free consult to see how Cohn Consulting Corporation can help your business reap the benefits of these exciting changes through a well-managed strategic IT plan.

May you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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Daniel S. Cohn
Cohn Consulting Corporation 


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