Do these fleet management software issues sound familiar?

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Every industry comes with its fair share of pain points. Despite best efforts, there will always be obstacles that keep you from making your business into the best version of itself. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that every aspect of your business is properly planned and supported.

Fleet Management

This includes your fleet management software; as crucial as this software is, without the right IT environment, it will always be held back by a range of standard IT issues. Unfortunately, optimizing your IT is a complicated, time-consuming process that’s often too much for a CEO like yourself to deal with.

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IT is a big part of how trucking businesses like yours serve clients. Without the right support, your IT infrastructure could negatively affect the capabilities of your fleet management software. The wrong vendor or a poorly implemented solution could lead to one of these standard industry pain points:

  • Poor communication: It is vital to have effective communication between drivers and dispatch. Without a reliable IT foundation for your two-way communication or telephony system, your drivers won’t be able to receive or relay crucial information in good time, which delays deliveries, lowers fuel efficiency, and more.

  • Delayed and inaccurate data: In order to ensure profitability and productivity, you need precise and up-to-date info on the performance of your fleet. Inexact details and irregular reporting will make this impossible to achieve.

  • Insufficient tracking information: Your clients will expect to be kept informed of the progress of their shipments, but how will you accomplish that when your fleet management software can’t provide accurate or timely intel because of a dysfunctional IT infrastructure?

Cohn Consulting Corporation understands the challenges that your business faces every single day. You can trust our team of IT professionals to learn your unique needs as a business and provide valuable consultation on how to address those concerns with proven IT solutions. Whether it’s dealing with a fleet management software vendor on your behalf, or providing proactive maintenance for your business-wide IT environment, you can rely on Cohn Consulting Corporation to help you out.

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