FBI Ends Encryption Dispute With Apple – What Does It Mean For You?

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fbi and appleThe encryption dispute between the FBI and Apple recently came to an end after months of attention and speculation over the landmark security case. After ordering the tech giant to develop a way to unlock a suspect’s iPhone in the name of national security, the FBI came to a solution to the issue without Apple’s help. Despite the fact that Apple did not give in, the end result is the same: mobile security is clearly less reliable than it was before.

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Regardless of whether you, your family, or your staff members use iPhone, the outcome of this situation should mean a lot to you and your business, particularly if you have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy set in place with your staff. This outcome will have a number of effects on the state of mobile security, which include:

  • Data integrity in a legal situation: By unlocking the suspect’s smartphone (with or without Apple’s help), the FBI have confirmed that any phone in any investigation is fair game. From now on, you simply can’t assume that the business data on your phone, or your employees’ phones, is entirely secure from investigators.
  • Data integrity in an illegal situation: The fact that the FBI can forcibly unlock a smartphone means that it’s possible — and fair to assume — that illegal parties could gain that ability as well. Furthermore, hackers that break into your employees’ smartphones will have access to information (emails, login credentials, and more) that will only make it easier to penetrate your business’ IT environment.
  • Setting significant precedents: The FBI’s justified legal action to compel Apple’s assistance sets two important precedents for similar cases in the future: First, in this case, it was Apple, so what’s to stop them from asking the same of Dell, Cisco, or SonicWall next time? Essentially every type of technology you use could be affected by this precedent in the future. Second, given that the FBI was able to ask Apple to act against its own interests, it’s certainly possible that they could request the same of you as well.

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