End of support for QuickTime could put Windows users in danger; are you one of them?

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The US Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning to Windows users that QuickTime is no longer safe. Once a popular video player for both Mac and Windows operating systems alike, the ubiquity of other media software platforms has led Apple to cease support for the Windows versions.

Did you know that a cybercriminal’s most common method of access is through vulnerabilities in third-party programs such as QuickTime? While most of the popular software you use is constantly patched and updated to protect against emerging cyber security threats, as soon as the provider stops supporting the software, it becomes a dangerous weak point in your IT security. If your business’ computers run a Windows operating system, and still have QuickTime installed, your IT systems could be in serious danger.

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No security updates or patches have been issued for QuickTime since January of this year, creating potentially dangerous vulnerabilities for users in both personal and professional settings. Combined with malware from a fraudulent email or suspicious web page, hackers could gain access to a user’s computer if it still runs QuickTime. It is strongly recommended that you uninstall QuickTime immediately if you haven’t done so already.

Cohn Care™ Managed clients have nothing to worry about. As soon as Cohn Consulting Corporation learned of this security concern, our team of IT security professionals took action to uninstall QuickTime from all of our clients’ computers, all without disrupting business processes on their end. However, if you’re not a Cohn Care™ Managed client, can you trust that your current IT support team has already addressed this security threat?

The unfortunate reality is that this is just one program. How can you be sure that there aren’t at least a few more unsupported programs on your business’ computers right now? Staying up to date with the latest developments in the IT industry — such as Apple’s cessation of support for QuickTime three months ago — is essentially a full-time job. CEOs and business managers like yourself just don’t have the time for it.

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