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Computer glitches sap productivity.

Nothing throws a person off-track the way a computer problem can.  And when it happens, work can grind to a halt.

Cohn Consulting fixes this with our Cohn Care™ Platinum solution, which provides 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, and tuning, and unlimited problem solving for one flat monthly fee.

Element Funding used a rival firm that didn’t provide constant monitoring and maintenance and they generated dozens of requests for help each week, which is a lot of frustrated users and lost productivity.  We took over and implemented Cohn Care™ Platinum and they now average less than half a dozen requests a month, which translates to more work getting done and happier users.

Cohn Care™ Platinum is a great solution for your colleague who owns a veterinary practice.  Customers don’t like to be kept waiting and she needs to see as many patients as possible..

Cohn Consulting Corporation and I provide reliable, predictable IT.


“Your Professionalism with this situation at the Zero hour is definitely a rarity. Your team’s response was to take on a project that you had no prior knowledge of other than a customer was in a tight spot and needed assistance.”