Did You Know 57% of Atlanta Companies Have Experienced Backup Failure?

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No Traditional Backup Solution is Guaranteed to Work. It’s Your Livelihood at Risk – You Need Intelligent Business Continuity!

Backing up your data is essential, of course, but what happens if you can’t recover those backups? Small companies, on average, lose $55,000 in revenue when significant downtime occurs. How? Because when significant downtime occurs, you’re facing:

  • Lost employee productivity
  • Harm to brand and reputation
  • Noncompliance fines and legal liabilities
  • And much more

The problem is, no traditional backup solution is guaranteed to work – and if you’ve implemented a backup solution and think that’s enough, you’re in for a huge surprise. Have you taken into account the following considerations?

  • Whether or not backups have been successful.
  • The different levels of recovery in reaction to unique scenarios.
  • How long it’ll take to recover files and applications.
  • If everyone in the office knows what to do when working to recover.

If you just have a backup and nothing else, your business is at risk and it’s only a matter of time… Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Contact Cohn Consulting Corporation at 770-225-0584 or send us an email: dan@cohnconsultingcorp.com.

Intelligent Business Continuity (IBC) goes above and beyond traditional backups to keep your livelihood protected. We’ll:

  1. Analyze all aspects of your company: We’ll look at what IT systems you use, how you stay in contact with customers and vendors, who is responsible for what, and more; then we’ll make sure all areas are addressed.
  2. Take inventory of your systems and data: We’ll understand what IT systems are critical and where your data is stored to ensure everything is properly backed up and ready to recover.
  3. Determine any vulnerabilities and weak points: Antiquated equipment, lack of security, and other vulnerabilities lead to data loss, so we’ll make sure they’re addressed.
  4. Implement the right products and processes: We’ll ensure the right processes are in place and make sure you have onsite and offsite backup solutions that are monitored around-the-clock and tested regularly. These products and technologies will enable you to continue operation within the time frame you need, even if that’s within minutes of failure.
  5. Create a simple, step-by-step recovery plan: A recovery plan outlines appropriate reactions to various scenarios – detailing who does what, what gets recovered first, who should be contacted, and more.

Intelligent Business Continuity keeps you prepared to recover when disaster strikes – helping you maintain a good reputation, productive employees, and ultimately, a profitable company. Call 770-225-0584 or email us: dan@cohnconsultingcorp.com or fill out the form on this page to get started.

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