Did You Know 57% of Atlanta Companies Have Experienced Backup Failure?

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No Traditional Backup Solution is Guaranteed to Work. It’s Your Livelihood at Risk – You Need Intelligent Business Continuity!

Backing up your data is essential, of course, but what happens if you can’t recover those backups? Small companies, on average, lose $55,000 in revenue when significant downtime occurs. How? Because when significant downtime occurs, you’re facing:

  • Lost employee productivity
  • Harm to brand and reputation
  • Noncompliance fines and legal liabilities
  • And much more

The problem is, no traditional backup solution is guaranteed to work – and if you’ve implemented a backup solution and think that’s enough, you’re in for a huge surprise. Have you taken into account the following considerations?

  • Whether or not backups have been successful.
  • The different levels of recovery in reaction to unique scenarios.
  • How long it’ll take to recover files and applications.
  • If everyone in the office knows what to do when working to recover.

If you just have a backup and nothing else, your business is at risk and it’s only a matter of time… Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Contact Cohn Consulting Corporation at 770-225-0584 or send us an email: dan@cohnconsultingcorp.com.

Intelligent Business Continuity (IBC) goes above and beyond traditional backups to keep your livelihood protected. We’ll:

  1. Analyze all aspects of your company: We’ll look at what IT systems you use, how you stay in contact with customers and vendors, who is responsible for what, and more; then we’ll make sure all areas are addressed.
  2. Take inventory of your systems and data: We’ll understand what IT systems are critical and where your data is stored to ensure everything is properly backed up and ready to recover.
  3. Determine any vulnerabilities and weak points: Antiquated equipment, lack of security, and other vulnerabilities lead to data loss, so we’ll make sure they’re addressed.
  4. Implement the right products and processes: We’ll ensure the right processes are in place and make sure you have onsite and offsite backup solutions that are monitored around-the-clock and tested regularly. These products and technologies will enable you to continue operation within the time frame you need, even if that’s within minutes of failure.
  5. Create a simple, step-by-step recovery plan: A recovery plan outlines appropriate reactions to various scenarios – detailing who does what, what gets recovered first, who should be contacted, and more.

Intelligent Business Continuity keeps you prepared to recover when disaster strikes – helping you maintain a good reputation, productive employees, and ultimately, a profitable company. Call 770-225-0584 or email us: dan@cohnconsultingcorp.com or fill out the form on this page to get started.

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“I looked at it from a value perspective, not a price perspective. You can always find someone who will do things cheaper, but you end up finding out they misrepresented their product or they couldn’t deliver on what was promised. With Cohn Consulting Corporation, I haven’t had this issue.”

Todd Moore, President – J&P Hall Express   Todd Moore, President - J&P Hall Express