Cohn Consulting Corporation’s Intelligence Business Continuity: The Smart Data Backup Solution for Atlanta Businesses

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There are many Atlanta IT services companies to choose from.  How do you know you have the right IT company taking care of your business needs?

In all of the Atlanta metro area, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better data backup and disaster recovery solution than Intelligent Business Continuity, one of Cohn Consulting Corporation’s most popular services.

Cohn Consulting Corporation helps our clients by delivering what we call Intelligent Business Continuity,” said Cohn. “In the past, there was backup. People just wanted to make sure they could restore files. Then they became concerned with things like disaster recovery, what happens if something big breaks, how fast can they get it back.”

But really the name of the game today is how can you keep your business operating no matter what happens? And that’s Intelligent Business Continuity, something we deliver to our clients through a series of processes, procedures, programs, and technology.”

Disaster can strike a business’s tech infrastructure at any time. Maybe it’s a storm that knocks the power out, resulting in many hours of downtime until you can pull in some computer guy to come in and fix it up. After that mess is corrected, maybe you’re located on the ground floor and another storm comes in and floods your building, damaging your systems even further. And hey, how about a building-encompassing fire for good measure? That would surely ruin whatever IT hardware you have in place.

Cohn Consulting Corporation’s Intelligent Business Continuity solution is prepared to keep you up and running in these circumstances.

“Disaster recovery, Intelligent Business Continuity, those are usually afterthoughts for most businesses. They don’t necessarily want to make the investment, they don’t necessarily understand the cost involved if something does go wrong. What we’re able to do is [show our clients] what is available out there that they can do to protect their business… We make it so that they can understand how long they can be down, what it costs for them to be down, how fast they can get back up and handle any emergency.”

We talked about storms and fire earlier, but severe weather is not the only threat facing your IT infrastructure. In fact, weather is one of the less serious threats to your IT viability. While it may be less dramatic, it’s much more likely that a more mundane disaster will wreck your hardware, like a spilled drink or a malicious employee.

Cohn Consulting Corporation is equipped to handle disasters of any variety.

When [a disaster] happens, the client is in a world of hurt. They need to get back up quick. We put in the systems to make sure that they can get back up fast and get back to their business.

There you have it, Atlanta businesses. If you’re fine with suffering potentially significant periods of downtime, then go ahead and stick with your current IT solution provider. But if you would prefer to have better services at the same price, look into what Consulting Corporation has to offer – call (770) 321-5532 or send an email:



“Your Professionalism with this situation at the Zero hour is definitely a rarity. Your team’s response was to take on a project that you had no prior knowledge of other than a customer was in a tight spot and needed assistance.”