Where Does Your Data Actually GO When It’s Stored in the Cloud? Is It Safe?

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Saying your data is “in the cloud” is vague and a little strange, isn’t it?

It conjures up an image of 1s and 0s floating around over our heads, put together by our computers into the files we need. So when your IT company tells you that your files are safely stored in the cloud, you probably find yourself wondering exactly where they are, and just how safe they can be.

We want to clear up the mystery of the cloud.

When something’s stored “in the cloud,” that actually means it’s stored in a series of secure data centers that are always connected to the Internet. In each data center, incredibly powerful servers encrypt your data and store them on highly reliable storage units. Multiple copies are spread across multiple storage units, servers, and data centers that are dedicated to staying accessible around the clock. So, no matter what happens to any one particular storage unit, server, or data center, your data is always available from wherever you can go online.

  • These data centers are all designed and built to withstand power outages and natural disasters, and they’re located in areas that aren’t likely to be hit by devastating destruction like a hurricane.
  • They can leverage the kind of top-shelf storage and security systems that most businesses just can’t afford. Layer upon layer of security systems to repel cybercriminals are paired with redundant power supplies, backup systems, and 24/7 monitoring to guarantee the safety and integrity of your important data.
  • Everything stored in these data centers is encrypted, so even the people running the center can’t actually read the data they’re protecting. It’s for your eyes only, and only you and those you trust will have the key to unlock the data.

Whatever you want to store in the cloud, whether it’s data (documents, databases, emails, contacts, calendars, etc.), applications for finances (like QuickBooks) or for CRM (like Salesforce), or services like a VoIP phone network, it will be kept safe by a service selected specifically by Cohn Consulting Corporation.

We provide only the “best of breed” cloud services through our own file storage and virtualization systems, 3rd party file storage and virtualization providers, or specific 3rd party cloud application providers.

Moreover, Cohn Consulting Corporation stays on top of the security of your data regardless of where it’s stored:

  • We utilize 24/7 security monitoring for potential threats, to immediately catch, identify, and resolve any errors or unauthorized access.
  • We provide the highest level of password management to protect your usernames and passwords from being stolen and spread out on pirating websites.

So there’s no need to wonder how safe the cloud is. Cohn Consulting Corporation works with only the best, most reliable cloud services to guarantee your data is never at risk, and we constantly stay on top of the security to ensure everything meets YOUR exacting standards. Call us at (770) 321-5532 or send an email to info@cohnconsultingcorp.com to learn more.


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