Daniel Cohn

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Daniel Cohn is the president and founder of Cohn Consulting Corporation.  Daniel grew up in Needham, MA and attended college at RPI in Troy, NY, majoring in Computer Science.  Upon graduating in 1984, Daniel took a job with IBM in Atlanta as a systems engineer and, over the years, became recognized as an expert in communications, PC’s and servers, and networking systems, serving IBM’s clients all over the Southeast.    In 1993, Daniel left IBM to form Cohn Consulting Corporation with the goal of bringing “Fortune 100”-class consulting and services to the small and medium business marketplace.

Daniel resides in Marietta, GA with his wife Sheri, his children Brian and Rachel, two dogs, and two cats.  Dan’s favorite day is MONDAY, since the week is still fresh and full of promise, and his favorite saying is: “Think you can.  Think you can’t.  Either way you’re right!”


“Your Professionalism with this situation at the Zero hour is definitely a rarity. Your team’s response was to take on a project that you had no prior knowledge of other than a customer was in a tight spot and needed assistance.”