Continuous Maintenance Equals Better Performance

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Race cars cannot fail.

Fighter jets cannot fail.

To make sure that they don’t, mechanics are constantly maintaining them, working every day to ensure they perform at their best.

Cohn Care™ Platinum takes that idea and applies it to the IT world.  Our systems watch their systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, looking for problems.  We implement automated continuous maintenance so that the systems are being worked on every day around the clock.  So when those systems are called upon to perform, which is all of the time, they do so at their very best.

Southeastern Industrial Plastics’ sales department takes calls all day and has to provide instant quotes; they love the speed and reliability of their Cohn Care™ Platinum maintained systems, which never let them down.

We are a great referral for your client whose CEO is into NASCAR or is ex-military.  I can show him how Cohn Care™ Gold will give their systems race car or fighter jet performance.


“Your Professionalism with this situation at the Zero hour is definitely a rarity. Your team’s response was to take on a project that you had no prior knowledge of other than a customer was in a tight spot and needed assistance.”