How Much Does the Cloud Really Cost?

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Think about this for a moment: How much money do you spend on managing your technology? Whether it’s from the cost of maintaining an expensive server in the backroom or the exorbitant licensing fees required to even look at top-shelf business applications, you probably spend too much money to get the right technology for your needs.

The cloud can change all that.

It might sound like adopting a new style of technology like cloud computing is expensive, but the cloud is uniquely designed to save money. You pay the upfront costs of getting the right equipment you need (if any) for the service that’s right for you, and then afterwards you pay a flat-rate monthly fee for continual access to the service. Period. It doesn’t fluctuate from month to month, and there are no hidden costs.

But the true savings from the cloud come from the fees you DON’T have to pay:

  • No maintenance fees, no extra costs to your power bill because of a hefty server in the back room, and no need to replace an aging server. If we’re hosting a virtual system for you from the cloud, we handle all of the maintenance and upgrades needed, and we take care of the costs of running the hardware. All you have to do is log in and use it.
  • Fewer IT problems means a better return on investment. Cloud services tend to be more reliable than in-office software or hardware, so that means fewer IT problems – with Cohn Care™ Platinum, there are no per hour charges to fix things, no lost productivity, no lost opportunities, etc. Just more work getting done faster and more reliably.
  • Access high-end applications and products without paying licensing fees. A lot of the best business applications on the market come with HUGE licensing fees, especially if you need to have multiple users on the system, so many smaller businesses have trouble taking advantage of their power. Turning to Cohn Consulting Corporation to host the application for you means you don’t have to worry about the license: WE pay the fee, and you access the service on OUR license.
  • Pay only for the access YOU need. Cloud services are incredibly flexible – you choose the size and scope of your service, right down to the number of users you want access for and the exact programs you want, and you pay only for that. If your needs change over time, then your service can change to match. If you decide to use less, you get charged less! It’s as simple as that.
  • Move your IT budget from capital expenses to operating expenses. With cloud services, you’re paying to use services on a monthly basis, not paying upfront costs for equipment and maintenance. This evens out your cash flow, reduces the bookkeeping (no depreciation to figure), and ensures you don’t end up with worthless assets a couple of years down the road.

Cohn Consulting Corporation will help you evaluate what you are REALLY spending on IT now and what moving to the cloud will REALLY cost and what return you’ll REALLY get. Call us at (770) 321-5532 or send an email to to learn more.


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