Leverage the Power of the Cloud to Protect Your Business From Disaster

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Having an Intelligent Business Continuity strategy is vital for a modern business. You don’t want to be caught by an unexpected disaster and forced to struggle to recover in the aftermath. 70% of businesses affected by disaster end up closing their doors within a year of the disaster. Why? It’s not because they didn’t have insurance to pay for the costs of repair – it’s because they lost too much TIME in the recovery process from how much was damaged or lost because of the disaster.

The cloud can play a vital role in quick and easy recovery from any level of disaster for your business:

Backing Up to the Cloud

  • When we backup your information technology, we’re not just creating copies of your files. We image your systems, which means we take virtual pictures of your servers and PCs. These images save not only your files, but also your applications, operating systems, configurations, and settings.
  • Then, we ensure those imaged backups are stored in the cloud. That means they’re actually based out of our secure data center, which is specifically designed and built to withstand natural and manmade disasters. The backups are available 24/7 at a moment’s notice via any computer that can connect to the Internet.

Running a Virtual Environment in the Cloud

  • If anything should ever go wrong with any system, whether it’s because something was accidentally deleted, a cybercriminal compromised the system, or because your in-office equipment was damaged by a fire, flood, or other disaster, it’s simple to “spin up” a virtual copy of that system from the cloud within minutes. You simply access the virtual system from any computer that can go online, whether it’s your office PCs, your home computer, or a laptop or mobile device in a temporary location.
  • Even better, if you move permanently to a hosted virtual system from the cloud for all your computing needs, there’s no interruption at all. You don’t need to recover from a disaster because the system is built with disaster entirely in mind. You can work from anywhere at any time, so you’re never held back by a damaged or otherwise unavailable office.

Using the Cloud For More Than Just Applications and Storage

  • The cloud isn’t just for storing files or applications. All sorts of other processes can use cloud technology to be easily accessed and “disaster proof.”
  • For example, your communications platforms can all be moved to the cloud. A hosted VoIP telephone network is always running even if your office equipment isn’t, and is easily accessed on a laptop or smartphone outside the office. You can use virtual meetings platforms to connect with your clients and vendors online without worrying that you have no office space to host a meeting.

Ultimately, the more you think ahead and use the cloud for your technology, the less recovery you have to face if disaster ever does strike. You can never anticipate every threat the future holds for your business, but if you put the right technology in place today, you won’t have to worry about recovery.

Cohn Consulting Corporation is ready to help. We’ve been “doing cloud” for years, and we can make sure you get the advice and options you need to make an informed decision about how to use the cloud to your best advantage. Call us at (770) 321-5532 or send an email to info@cohnconsultingcorp.com to learn more.


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