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Element Funding Trusts Cohn Consulting Corporation to Proactively Take Care of Their Information Systems & Prevent Wasted Time & Money Spent Recovering from Issues!

Element Funding AtlantaElement Funding, a retail mortgage company headquartered in Atlanta, is made up of highly experienced sales and support staff who strive to provide an exceptional level of service to customers, business partners, and stakeholders.

When Element Funding was looking for an IT support company to handle their unique IT needs, Cohn Consulting Corporation was the perfect choice!

As a retail mortgage company, Element Funding strives to leverage innovative information systems to manage their business in a smarter, more productive, and more efficient manner. As a result, their information systems must be up and running with minimal disruptions and downtime.

The Situation: A Need for Proactive IT Services & Support Designed to Prevent Issues From Occurring

Element Funding’s parent company, located in Salt Lake City, handles all of their software and email needs, however, they needed an IT support company to handle their hardware needs while preventing disruption and downtime.

Will Burke, Accounting Manager at Element Funding, explained their decision to work with Cohn Consulting Corporation, “Their services are scalable and they’ve invested the time and effort to put systems in place to manage remotely and fix things before they go wrong.”

He continued, “They’re also able to monitor the overall health of our systems. They proactively reach out to users as problems occur rather than sitting back and waiting to be called in. Their Cohn Care Platinum program ensures all of our computers are up to date and monitored to pick up problems before they impact end users.

The Solution: Cohn CarePlatinum Program to Keep Their Information Systems Worry-Free in a Cost-Efficient Manner

Element Funding now benefits from the Cohn Care™ Platinum program – a set of proven technology solutions designed to detect and report issues, in order to allow for remote repair to start immediately. Will discussed the benefits, “Their whole mindset is to prevent issues before they become serious problems! While it may appear to be more expensive, it really takes away the worry about sudden problems and spending hours to fix them.

He continued, “Instead, you’re preventing those sudden problems from ever occurring. It gives you a lot better peace of mind and drastically cuts down on the amount of urgent problems, such as data or productivity loss, that are actually preventable.”

Above all, Element Funding has finally found the value they desired from an IT support company. Will explained, “They take the time to understand our business. When issues come up, they’re able to suggest and implement tweaks to our operations that actually prevent problems rather than just react to them.“

When Element Funding considered the benefits compared to cheaper options, the value was clear! Will discussed his experience, “With cheaper IT options we’ve tried, we always dealt with entry level technicians who changed constantly and weren’t experienced enough to quickly fix our issues or suggest alternatives. We ended up spending more money to slowly fix the same problems over and over again!”

The Outcome: A Retail Mortgage Company That Trusts Their IT Support Company to Go Above & Beyond

Since working with Cohn Consulting Corporation, Element Funding has been able to rest assured knowing they’ll be there when problems occur. Will explained, “We’ve had issues at awkward or particularly critical times where they’ve dropped everything and come running. In September 2009, we brought on a group of people and doubled in size basically overnight. They came in and helped us; they stayed overnight to make sure we had laptops up and running the next day.

Element Funding highly recommends Cohn Consulting Corporation. “They have expertise and they’ve been so careful to hire people that fit in with their overall mindset and culture – they really do create a lot of added value!” Will said.

To learn more about our Cohn CarePlatinum Program, give us a call at (770) 321-5532 or send us an email at Cohn Consulting Corporation is the preferred IT support company for businesses in Atlanta, Athens, Woodstock, Gainesville, Rome, McDonough and many other locations throughout North Georgia

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