Just Backing Up Your Files is Not Enough to Keep Your Business Safe from Disaster

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Backing up your important files is an important part of your Intelligent Business Continuity strategy, but on its own it’s not enough. Keeping extra copies of your files is great, but when your business has been set back by disaster, what matters most is how quickly and thoroughly you can restore your important information technology so you can get back to work. Simply having copies of your documents isn’t enough.

You don’t want to be wasting time sorting through the copies of your files on a spare hard drive while struggling to reinstall all your applications on a new computer. Every minute matters, and the faster you can be up and running with the same systems you use every day, the less damage a disaster can do to your livelihood.

That’s why a key part of Intelligent Business Continuity is to use advanced imaging technologies that allow you to bring up a “virtual” copy of your systems in the event of a failure. In addition to storing your backups in a device onsite in your office, we also replicate all of your imaged systems to a cloud-based system that you can access on any device with an Internet connection.

At Cohn Consulting Corporation, we ensure our clients receive a comprehensive Intelligent Business Continuity strategy. Our team will ensure a speedy, reliable, and efficient restoration of your IT systems with our local and offsite recovery solutions:

Go Beyond Simple Backups – Image Your Systems for a Virtual IT Environment

  • We don’t just save copies of your files onto a separate hard drive. Our backup processes take virtual pictures of your servers and PCs. These images save not only your files, but also your applications, operating systems, configurations, and settings.
  • Should anything ever go wrong with a system, it’s simple to “spin up” a virtual copy of that system from either the local backup device or the cloud within minutes.
  • Your virtual environment uses the exact same applications and files as your main systems, so there’s no difference in your capabilities.
  • Any changes you make while using the virtual system are also saved to the backups, so when you are able to return to using your main systems after repairs, all of the work done in the interim will still be carried over.

Host Your Virtual Backups Offsite in the Cloud

  • Being able to virtualize is great, but if your backups are only stored on site in your office, you’re still not safe from disaster.
  • We also ensure your backups are stored in an offsite data center facility, so they can’t be affected by any disasters hitting your office
  • Using a hosted service to store your backups in the cloud allows you to access your virtual systems with any device that can connect to the Internet, whether it’s your office PCs, your home computer, or a laptop or mobile device in a temporary location.
  • If anything should ever damage or destroy your onsite equipment, you can quickly and easily switch to using your cloud systems to carry on with the minimum of downtime or disruption.
  • Moving to a new location or using new equipment is easy, and you don’t have to worry about reinstalling programs or struggling to recover lost files.

Cohn Consulting Corporation can help your business safeguard your important files and systems with an offsite virtualized backup plan. To learn more about our Intelligent Business Continuity strategy and the other services we offer to keep your business secure, contact us today at (770) 321-5532 or info@cohnconsultingcorp.com to book a complimentary business continuity consultation.


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