Is Your Business Honoring World Backup Day?

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March 31st is more than just the night before April Fools’ – it’s also World Backup Day. The practice of backing up your files, applications, and other data is so undeniably important that there’s even a day to commemorate it. So the question is: Are you properly backing up your data to recover quickly from disaster situations?

World Backup Day

CEOs and business owners know that it’s not enough to simply back up some of their files and call it a day. You need to make sure that you’re backing up all your vital information on a regular basis, and to a secure and reliable off-site location. Only then can you be confident that your business’ data is available to you no matter what IT emergency occurs, whether it’s a malware attack, human error, or natural disaster.

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The unfortunate reality is that without effective data backup capabilities, your business will suffer devastating consequences, including:

  • Data loss with no chance of recovery, resulting in wasted work hours and employee wages.
  • Data leaks due to malware attacks and phishing scams, which will threaten the privacy of your business’ data, as well as that of your clients.
  • Reputational damage, resulting in your clients no longer trusting the security of your business dealings.

In honor of World Backup Day, Cohn Consulting Corporation wants you to be totally confident in the integrity of your data. We are experts in business continuity and disaster recovery, and our team can help you find the perfect backup solution for your business’ needs.

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