How Do You Access Business Data on Your Smartphone Without Leaving Yourself at Risk?

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How many mobile devices do you have connected to your business network?

Think of all the smartphones, tablets, and laptops that you and your employees use every day to get work done.

What would happen if one of those devices were stolen? Or if one was being used at Starbucks, and someone slipped in using an unsecured network? All it takes is one person to gain access to a single password saved on someone’s smartphone, and your entire network is left vulnerable.

You can use your mobile devices without worry so long as you have the right mobile device management and security on your side. Your IT security company can help:

  • Securing your mobile network with multi-layered protection, such as enforced encryption, device auto-lock, secure passcodes, per-user authorization, number of allowed failed passcodes, and the ability to remotely find, lock, or even wipe a mobile device that’s been stolen or has just gone missing.
  • Creating clear company policies for all the use of mobile devices on your network, including both your corporate devices and employees’ personal devices. You need simple rules about who is allowed to do what with your data.
  • Separating corporate information on personal devices, so you can allow employees to use their own smartphones and tablets without giving away control of your valuable data.
  • Configuring your devices properly so they can securely access all your important applications and files, and so it’s simple and safe to transfer files from an office computer to a tablet or smartphone.

Know that your mobile network is completely safe by putting your faith in Cohn Consulting Corporation.

You can rely on your smartphones and other devices to get work done every day without compromising the safety of your data by turning to our team of IT security experts for a completely customized mobile device management strategy. Find out how good it can get – call our team of experts at (770) 321-5532 or send an email to today.


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