Think The Only Disasters That Can Affect Your Business Are Hurricanes and Tornadoes? Think Again.

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Tornado in AtlantaWhen you hear the word ‘disaster,’ the first thing that comes to mind is probably a natural catastrophe like Hurricane Sandy out on the East Coast. The large-scale violence from Mother Nature – hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes – can be devastating, and they can obviously cripple an unprepared business, but they don’t really happen all that often in Atlanta. So you don’t really need to worry too much about disaster preparation, right?

September is FEMA’s Disaster Preparedness Month, but while the government wants to ensure people and businesses are prepared for disasters like Hurricane Sandy or Katrina, it’s the every-day little disasters that can set small businesses back. Disaster recovery and Intelligent Business Continuity isn’t just to protect you from the big events – it’s for when the sprinkler system in your office comes on unexpectedly, for when construction up the road cuts off your power, or for when someone accidentally clicks ‘delete’ on that important file. Little disasters can be just as hard to recover from as the big ones. Is your business prepared?

Cohn Consulting Corporation works with businesses of every size and industry to help them prepare for any level of disaster, both natural and manmade.

Our Intelligent Business Continuity Services are focused on comprehensive protection for all levels of your technology, along with strategic planning for how your business will react appropriately to a disaster to cut down on harmful downtime and let you get back to work. To ensure you’re prepared, call us today at (770) 321-5532 for a free assessment of your disaster preparation.

Cohn Consulting Corporation employs a full staff of Intelligent Business Continuity specialists who understand how to adapt our solutions and experiences to the unique needs of your business. Our years of experience have shown us the quickest, most efficient and cost-effective ways to recover from disaster and keep your information technology functioning without interruption.

Here’s How We Do It:

  • Create a Disaster Recovery Strategy: We work with you and your staff to help you create a plan to appropriately react to any level of disaster. Together, we lay out easy-to-follow, plain English instructions for each step of the recovery process, and for each member of your team.
  • Backup Your Important Data: We’ll ensure your important systems and files are backed up both in your office and also securely offsite in a cloud-based data center, where they can be easily and quickly recovered and restored if necessary.
  • Virtualize Your Systems: It is possible to migrate some or all of your systems to the cloud entirely, including your phone systems, so you can easily access them out of the office if needed – at home, on the go with a mobile device, or in a temporary location with an Internet connection – and not have to worry that damage to your onsite hardware will disrupt your processes.
  • Monitor Your Backups Constantly: Our team monitorsyour backups around the clock to guarantee they are successful and that your important information can be restored at any time.
  • Test Your Recovery Plan Regularly: We will run through your disaster recovery plan step-by-step regularly, performing test restores from your backups with all of your staff members involved. This way, you have proof and peace of mind knowing that if you ever need it, your recovery plan will work quickly and effectively.

Your business’ disaster preparation is your responsibility, but our experience can give you the help you need to put the plan and systems together. Plan now for when a disaster strikes, large or small. Spend the time on your Intelligent Business Continuity today, so you won’t wish you had tomorrow.

Cohn Consulting Corporation is trusted by businesses in metro Atlanta and across the country to keep them prepared for whatever the future may hold. Our consultants and technicians are ready to meet with you, discuss your needs, and create your unique Intelligent Business Continuity Strategy. Call (770) 321-5532 now to book your complimentary business continuity consultation.


“Your Professionalism with this situation at the Zero hour is definitely a rarity. Your team’s response was to take on a project that you had no prior knowledge of other than a customer was in a tight spot and needed assistance.”