How Do You Balance IT Security with Practical Human Needs?

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It’s all well and good to demand security for your information technology, but it’s important to balance that with the practical needs of your business. After all, people are still going to have to USE that technology, and that will be hard if they have to enter a 50-character password every five minutes to prove who they are.

balance IT security

Here are some simple ways to avoid making security a pain:

  • Automate Whenever Possible: If you can take a task out of a person’s hands, it won’t get in the way of productivity. A hosted virtual system can automate many compliance tasks so your employees don’t have to worry about a checklist every time they want to get some work done.
  • Set Up Mobile Device Management: Many employees want to get work done on their smartphones or tablets – you can make that safe and easy by implementing a mobile protection plan ahead of time. Divide corporate data from personal data, set up the ability to find, lock, or wipe missing devices, and make sure you know exactly who is allowed to access what on your network.
  • Implement Password Management: It can be hard to keep track of all the passwords someone needs today. Your IT security company can help manage all your usernames and passwords, make sure they don’t conflict with each other, and be there to help you and your employees retain easy access to all your systems. They’ll also help design secure but easy-to-use password requirements.
  • Use Secure Portals and Networks: You have to be careful about using unsecured WI-FI networks, like at Starbucks. After all, you never know who else is on the network. Your IT company can set up secure portals and networks through easy-to-use interfaces on your devices to keep your workforce protected no matter what wireless connection you use.

When you’re dealing with the practical politics of IT security, you need to ensure you can still use your technology effectively.

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