Cloud-Based Backups & Disaster Protection

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Protection for all the data you rely on to get work done every day.

How much do you rely on your IT to get work done every day? Think of all the data you and your employees use to complete daily operations, from client contact information to your email to your important business applications like QuickBooks.

Now imagine what you’d do if they were all gone.

When you’re preparing to recover from disaster, simply backing up files to a disk or spare hard drive just isn’t enough to ensure fast and complete recovery. You need a Total Backup Solution designed to protect ALL your important data. The Intelligent Business Continuity experts at Cohn Consulting Corporation have you covered:

  • Automated, image-based backups to enable fast, full, and easy restoration of your files, applications, operating system(s), and more.
  • Backups in both your office and the cloud: In-office: For fast recovery when onsite equipment isn’t damaged. Cloud: Ensuring recovery even when onsite equipment is destroyed
  • Regular testing on all backups to ensure the integrity of your data.
  • Backup agents running your automated backup process, monitoring all the changes on your machines sector by sector, so your backups know exactly what has been changed since the last backup and what to save now, saving time and improving performance.
  • Redundant backup processes in place, so if one backup fails, your secondary backup agent automatically kicks in to take over the process.
  • Virtualization services based on your cloud backups, so you can access complete copies of your systems outside the office if necessary.

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