Backup Your Technology with Intelligent Business Continuity – Just in Case

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No security solution is 100% guaranteed foolproof. Don’t trust anyone who tells you otherwise.

backing up your technology

No matter how sophisticated a firewall or piece of malware protection is, there is always the possibility (no matter how remote) that a hacker may be able to defeat it.

That’s why security is more than just defenses: You also need to prepare for the unexpected with Intelligent Business Continuity (IBC) – just in case.

The ultimate defense against a hack is the ability to quickly restore to a pre-hacked state. That’s what IBC is all about – simple and complete recovery from any kind of disaster. A complete IBC strategy tailored for your business should include:

  • Backups of more than just your files – your applications, your operating system(s), your settings, and more.
  • Backups stored both onsite at your business (for quick recovery) and offsite in a data center (to keep them safe from disasters that could damage equipment).
  • Automated, redundant backups around the clock, so you can easily recover to a state before the disaster happened.
  • Testing of all your backups to prove that you can rely on them in a crisis. You don’t want to just assume that they work, you need to KNOW.

In the most recent Cryptolocker ordeal, many businesses were held ransom by cybercriminals who had encrypted their data and made it unusable. If those businesses had an IBC strategy in place, they could have simply hit a button to roll back the clock to before the hackers had gotten in, and they would have had no problem. Instead, they ended up paying out in order to save their mission critical data – and their business.

Don’t find yourself in the same situation! Trust in the security experts at Cohn Consulting Corporation for an IBC strategy customized for your business, and rest easy knowing you’ll always have a backup plan – just in case. Contact us today at 770-225-0584 or or fill out the form on this page to learn more.

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