The Human Side of IT Security: 5 Tips for Using Technology Safely

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Remember: At the end of the day, IT is all about PEOPLE. You can set up all sorts of automated tasks or processes, and make the technology do amazing things, but it all comes down to the people that are USING the technology.

Your IT company can provide all the firewalls and anti-virus software you like, but if they aren’t helping you USE your technology safely, they’re only doing half the job. The human side of IT security is just as important as setting up the right systems; a firewall means nothing if you’re holding the door open for a cybercriminal that’s hit you with a phishing attempt.

Use your technology safely by following these tips:

  • Avoid Common Email Mistakes: Learn how to spot cybercriminal tactics like phishing attempts in your email (someone trying to get you to provide sensitive information like passwords or credit card numbers). Know how to react to these attempts right away to ensure no one else in your business has fallen for them and left you vulnerable.
  • Browse the Internet Safely: The Internet is an amazing tool, but it’s full of dangers. You and your employees need to know what kind of sites to avoid and how to recognize tell-tale signs of malware on a website. One wrong move is all it takes to open your systems up to all sorts of problems.
  • Set up Policies and Procedures: You need rules that govern who can access what information in your business. The right IT policies can help you control your users’ access in your systems so sensitive corporate data is under strict protection, and if you have procedures for viewing that data, you can stop unwanted eyes from getting a glimpse when they’re not supposed to. This could be as simple as a rule about turning off a computer monitor when you’re not at the desk!
  • Get Proper Password Management: Too many users have the same password for EVERYTHING, even at work. All it takes is for a hacker to get hold of one password for one of your employees, and they’ll try it everywhere they can. If they break into your system, it’s game over. Your IT company can help set up a system for managing your system’s passwords and keeping them unique and secure.
  • Use Only Trusted Technology: One of the easiest ways to make yourself vulnerable is to use the wrong technology: Accessing business files on an unsecured network, for instance, or downloading a 3rd-party virus protection program from the Internet. You need to know exactly what systems you’re using and ensure they’ve been thoroughly vetted by your IT security company.

Unsure of how safe your current policies are? Improve your defenses with Cohn Consulting Corporation. A thorough security audit will reveal any vulnerabilities in your technology or your operations, and our team of security experts will help you rebuild your defenses so you can use your technology without worry. Call us at (770) 321-5532 or send an email to to learn more.


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